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Sherlock X Reader: Deducing You (One-Shot!)
Sherlock X Reader: Deducing You (One-Shot!)
221 Baker Street
You were standing in Sherlock’s apartment making some tea for him and you’re Brother John. You hummed quietly when you turned around and saw Sherlock leaning against the door frame looking at you up and down. You turned back around and just continued making tea.
John was standing in the living room reading the newspaper, “Sherlock? Did you read about this new case in the paper?” John asked looking up at Sherlock realizing he was staring at you.
Sherlock wasn’t paying any attention to him.
“Oi! Stop staring at my little sister!” John snapped and put the newspaper down on the table walking over to Sherlock.
“I’m not staring at her, I’m simply deducing her” Sherlock replied.
“No, you’re staring at her” John let a slight growl out.
Sherlock rolled his eyes and sat down at the dining table, he was looking through his mic
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Zen :iconunodu:Unodu 1,058 21 707 :iconunodu:Unodu 2,243 63 [Walking down the aisle] Yoosung :iconakizero1510:AkiZero1510 2,597 86 [Walking down the aisle] Seven :iconakizero1510:AkiZero1510 2,353 63 [Walking down the aisle] Zen :iconakizero1510:AkiZero1510 2,844 121
Panic Attack [Jihyun Kim (V) | Reader]
You heard a scream. Next came the whimpering. You knew what it was. Opening your eyes immediately, you sat up and went for the bathroom. On the white-tiled floor, crouching and clutching his head was your boyfriend. His unique-colored locks was disheveled and his eyes - despite being half-blind - were staring ahead at the sink with a terrified gaze in their ashen hues. Your face softened - you knew the panic attacks came fast but never went away just as fast, so right now Jihyun needed you by his side to overcome this one. You knelt down next to him and hugged him tightly. At first there was no reaction whatsoever that the man acknowledged your presence, but after a few minutes he finally looked up at you and continued to cry. Tears poured out of those eyes you so much loved to lock gazes with and you wondered for a second if you'd be able to make him calm down this time. The doubt escaped your mind as quickly as it managed to invade it and you sighed inaudibly at your own naivness. Of
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 23 1
Lost And Found [Jumin Han x Reader] [1/2]
It had been a tiring day so far. Jumin Han in all of his glory and workaholic habits for once decided to take a day off. And what happened then? Elizabeth the 3rd got lost. 
The raven barely believed his own eyes when he entered the sweet, giant and quiet space he called home after deciding against going to work and calling Assistant Kang to notify her on his decision, only to find that his favourite Elizabeth the 3rd was gone. She had somehow exited the house then probably jumped over the garden fence or Jumin didn't even know what. No security camera had caught the white feline running away, but after an examination of the house Jumin did himself he was sure that his cat was indeed gone.  
In distress and full-hearted worry, the man started pacing around his house, calling all security guards currently on duty and ordering them to start searching immediately and not come back until they find something. He knew this was bad, it had never occured to Jumin that his Elizabeth w
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 22 0
Don't Look At It [Jumin | Reader]
"Juumiiinnn~" You clung to the raven haired male's arm and the women around the room seemed to give off a dangerous vibe but you never really paid attention to it before, you weren't going to start now.
"What?" The corporate heir turned to face you with an annoyed look over his features because of how clingy you've been in the last week. You were preparing to make a blow. He'd known you for long enough as to recognize when you'd want something out of him.
"I have a big favor to ask of." And here came the blow itself. Jumin wondered for a second what would it be this time. Surely something as rediculous as every other time you've asked a favor out of him. Strangely enough they always included Jumin himself and not even a penny of his, so he was kinda thrilled and yet in the same time frightened to listen to your request.
"If you're gonna beg me to magically make Zen fall in love with you I'm sorry, but I don't seem to possess a potion that can make miracles occur." The raven haired man
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 34 1
Would You Rather... ? [Jumin | Reader]
You calmly walked to Jumin's residence, asking if the corporate heir was in his quarters before actualy going in the elevator and pressing the last floor on the board. You sighed while clenching your hands together, it was going to be along ride but you coudn't deny you were getting more and more nervous by the second. Deciding to read over the messages the guys had sent you again you took out your phone and unlocked it, its screen lighting up before you pressed the messeger app and looked through the conversation in the chat room once again - probably for the fifth time in the last half an hour.
707, Yoosung, ZEN, Searan, (Y/N)

Zen: Hey everyone~

(Y/N): Hi, Zen, Yoosung, Saeyoung, Saeran. How are you all? Ate already?
707: Look who gets the honor of asking me - God Seven - about that. What about you, starve-girl? You're so overwhelmed by emotions you forget to eat properly for
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 25 3
Mature content
Exposed :iconkonoira:Konoira 695 74
V x Reader - Sleepless Night
Sleepless Night
V x Reader
[Mystic Messenger]

"Make sure you go to bed early."
That concerned message directed towards you was sent on the messenger hours ago, yet for some strange reason, somebody always had to be awake at 3AM and talking about the randomest things. Then again, it is 3AM, and almost everybody always has something weird to say or think about at this ungodly hour.
You let out a small groan when your phone vibrated to life, notifying you that somebody had just entered the chatroom. Admittedly, you could have chosen to ignore the chat and just read the log later in the morning, but you weren't one to just leave that person in the chat all alone by themselves. Besides, it wasn't like you were sleeping nor did you plan on doing so any time soon. Rolling over to your side, your hand reached underneath your pillow to retrieve your phone. Wincing slightly from the sudden bright light from the device, you quickly and automatically went through the mo
:iconavistella:Avistella 104 22
Jumin x Reader |Baby Boom|
Jumin Han liked to think he had good control over his emotions. That had been instantly disproved the moment he fell for you. In that whirlwind of emotions and utter insanity, you were the only stability he found. It was only natural he’d adore you to the point he didn’t care whether you stripped him of his dignity or not.
Perhaps that was why he didn’t think about the way he felt right this second. Jumin set his pen down for the seventh time in the last twenty minutes. His hand fell to the phone in his pocket. It had already been a few hours since he last saw you. Perhaps he should text you and check in?
No; Assistant Kang would surely scold him for getting distracted in the middle of work. He should at least finish signing off the document before him, he figured, and reward himself with checking up on you afterwards.
He picked the pen back up. Another signature here, there, and…
Surely he could at least check in on you, right? It would only take a secon
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 236 28
V x Reader |Baby Boom|
Contains heavy spoilers for Mystic Messenger! Read at your own risk (if you want to be covered in fluff, that is ;D)
There were many things V were thankful for- Jumin giving him the opportunity to get his sight back, getting to see again, and finding you in the midst of it all.
He was thankful that you had taken the bullet for him. He was thankful that you had survived to allow him to thank you. He was thankful that he could love you, and you loved him back.
There were so many things V would never be able to stop being thankful for. Forever grateful for these blessings that he didn’t deserve. No matter how many times you tried to convince him otherwise, he always knew he was spoiled. That he didn’t deserve anything he had.
Not his life, his sight, not you. Least of all, you. His beautiful, flawless, wonderful, amazingly great wife. His one true love. The sun that gave him light when he should suffer in the shadows.
After you started scolding him when he so muc
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 146 23
V with Rika doll :iconharumushi2:HaruMushi2 154 10 V :iconalt0:ALT0 116 30



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I love to look at other peoples art and that's the only reason i made a DeviantArt, oh and because of Destiel but that's a whole other story   
I love to look at other peoples art and that's the only reason i made a DeviantArt, oh and because of Destiel but that's a whole other story   


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